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Our studio/office will be closed from June 17 - June 24. We're sorry for any inconvenience. You may still place orders during this time, but we can't ship anything out until we return.

Item 1 is for mainly for playback on a standard DVD player connected to a TV; it also has a folder of printable (4x6) image files in the Extras folder. Item 2 contains a mpeg video file for playback at 720p resolution; it also has an extras folder (like item 1); this is a good choice for HDTV or HD projection, but needs a computer for running the video.
DVD Video DiscDVD-Rom with HD-720p Mpeg Video

Guestbook for SCYC '11
Ram Rodriguez(non-registered)
Gene, you are awesome at what you do and thank you for being a blessing in my life at Camp Bandina 2011
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